Study and Teaching

Construction in existing contexts – Technologies and Economics (BiB)

Master study in the summer semester

Learning Outcomes

The students …

  • will be able to classify the various phases in the life cycle of buildings and understand the advantages of a life cycle orientated approach of construction projects
  • are able to structure the costs and operation costs in the life cycle of buildings and are capable of defining cost planning processes
  • are able to recognize the special needs of construction in existing contexts
  • are able to describe the requirements of a systematic building maintenance
  • are able to classify and differentiate the various kinds of contracts with regards to planning, construction and in operation through the example of power plants
  • are able to understand the special requirements concerning the preparation and implementation of demolition work in contrast to other construction works and will thus be able to design the process of demolition work

Study Content

  • Life cycle of buildings
  • Life cycle oriented construction management
  • Construction economics – cost planning
  • Bases of construction technologies and management in existing contexts
  • Building maintenance
  • Complex construction contracts of power plants
  • Demolition works

Requirements for participation

Can be studied in the following degree programs

  • Master of Science Bauingenieurwesen – Civil Engineering (examination regulations 2021), subject-related elective area
  • Master of Science Business Administration/Industrial Engineering – specialising in Civil Engineering (examination regulations 20201)
    • Profile Immobilienbewertung und -entwicklung, compulsory elective area width
    • Profile Immobilienmanagement, compulsory elective area depth
  • Master of Science Energy Science and Engineering (examination regulations 2020), compulsory elective courses, subject area Energy-related Building Design and Infrastructure